On Tolerance

On Tolerance

Tolerance is a core value. Much has been written about tolerance – so this is nothing new. But some things are worth repeating, especially on a website on being fair and just.

Tolerance has been recognized (but not always lived) throughout history. The golden and platinum rules have always been recognized as important.

Psychological studies reveal that values are sometimes partly cultural and partly genetic. These important studies will continue to inform us of our own nature and will help us understand and recognize that our own feelings in each situation are not absolutes. We have been conditioned by various factors.

We need to be aware that there are evolutionary traits that are intolerant. We also need to recognize that all traits and tendencies in our personalities are not fair or acceptable.

Growing globalization is a practical reason to cultivate tolerance. As we know one another and other cultures better, indeed, as we depend on one another more and more economically, tolerance will grow. Knowledge and familiarity defuse and demystifies the unknown. Intolerance has roots in not knowing, suspicion and fear.

Tolerance from some perspectives has limits. There are those who do not respond on the level of altruism and tolerance. Indeed, tolerance can be mistaken as weakness or fear, and can lead to destructive behavior towards you. History teaches us to be careful.

What do we need to do to help tolerance be realized? Maybe tolerance requires security and having personal core needs met. So, help others feel more secure, and this can be done in many ways. An awareness of the importance of tolerance certainly helps. Show tolerance and teach others tolerance. And finally, it takes courage, which may be the most difficult part. Consider that without tolerance, you may be just another kind of fundamentalist.