Sometimes Evil overpowers good and there is little you can do.

Sometimes Evil overpowers good and there is little you can do.

Let’s say that “good” is something that supports people and their needs. “Evil” is something that damages people and prevents their fulfillment – especially when it’s unnecessary. You might also say that being good is being fair and just while doing evil is not. Facing evil in our world is uncomfortable, but it is here nevertheless.

Why does evil ever win at all?  There are many reasons. For example, people compete for resources and there is “us” vs “them.” This is human nature at its barest. Some get what they want, and some do not. World history and literature are full of these stories.

Another reason is that good people stand by and let evil happen.  This has been said by many. It has happened in some of the greatest calamities of mankind. Sometimes good people can’t prevent evil because they are overpowered or ignored. How frustrating! Think of the holocaust, lynchings, racism, or oppressive leaders. Think of Local crime, unfounded accusations that damage others, family members who endure abuse, and so on. 

But what do we do? Ignore evil totally, or run and become a hermit? We don’t have to. Stand up to evil. Maybe we each spend some time fighting for the good we want. Would this be minutes per day, or hours per week?  This is up to us. Given the realities of demands on us, this may be the best we can do.  Often courage is needed. Don’t focus on the danger if there is any. Focus on the good things that will come out of your actions. And watch out! Don’t let your actions create more evil.

We don’t have to be Matin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi. We can be simple, everyday heroes who devote at least some time to finding the good and fair in our lives.

Three cheers for everyday heroes!